Steady's Mission Impact


Steady's Mission

Steady’s mission is to build a better financial future for the global workforce!



Steady users earn more than $4,000 per year on average after they become a member of our community.


1 M

More than 1 million members in our community are sharing their stories and working to improve the way they work and earn.

LEGAL DISCLOSURE: This amount was calculated by taking the average increased income in the ninety days following registration, for the cohort of users who both linked their bank account and obtained a job through Steady, multiplied by the total number of registered Steady users. In order to account for differences in engagement between users who link their bank account and those who don’t, Steady discounted the final income calculations by 63% based on the overall engagement data between Steady users who link their bank accounts and those who don’t. On average, users who don’t link their bank account view total potential jobs about 63% as many times during their lifetime, as users who do link their account.
Facts About The Current Work Economy
36%Of U.S. workers participate in the gig economy in some capacity, including part timers and multiple job holders. (Gallup - 2018)
42M People participate in independent work at least monthly ( - MBO Survey)
1 in 10More than one in ten workers rely on gig work for their primary income. ( - The Basics)
What Steady Offers

Power of Community

We are building a platform that puts the power of technology and information into the hands of the American worker. Our more than 1 million strong members are sharing their stories and working to improve the way they work and earn.


Increase Your Income

More than 40 percent of Americans have more than one source of income. We are here to help you find jobs that are right for you, whether it be part-time, one-time or anytime work.


Track Your Financial Health

Our Income Tracker lets you focus on what and when you are earning, and it helps us to provide you with job opportunities better tailored to fit your location, availability and interests.