Our Story

More and more workers are finding they need more than one job, and they are finding they are routinely facing dramatic shifts in income from one month to the next. And not having a stable income and having more than one income source a month makes it difficult for such workers to qualify for financial services. People who find themselves in this situation find themselves turning to high-interest credit cards or payday lending to fill gaps in their budgets.

That's where Steady — the leading income-building platform for today's workforce — comes in.

Founded in the summer of 2017 by Adam Roseman, Michael Loeb and Eric Aroesty, Steady is a new app for workers looking to supplement their income by taking part-time, one-time and temporary jobs. Steady wins at Money 20/20 The Steady app makes it easier for these workers to find the best work opportunities to build their careers, as well as manage and better understand their income.

Roseman's experience with the modern worker starts close to home: his 71-year-old father moved to Georgia for the low cost of living with insufficient retirement funds. To pay the bills, he took a part-time job at a supermarket. But it wasn't enough to make ends meet. Roseman stepped in, suggesting to his father look for flexible work opportunities that fit his needs, abilities and interests. Roseman's father loves working with animals and being out and about, and he was able to find income opportunities that aligned with those interests. Through Steady, Roseman hopes to help other workers do the same.

Steady believes there is no more important financial decision than the work you choose. The app recommends personalized income opportunities for users and helps them track their income. Using Steady, workers learn where the gaps in their income are and helps them find work to fill those gaps, and even increase their month-to-month income.

Steady was pitched in September 2017 as one of 10 startups to participate in Fintech71's exclusive 10-week accelerator program, and just a month later won the Startup Pitch competition at Money 20/20, the world's largest financial services innovation event.

Steady launched the beta of its mobile app in April of 2018 and publicly launched the app in August 2018, garnering more than 100,000 installs by the end of August.
The Steady team in August 2018
NBA legend and businessman Shaquille O'Neal joined the company as its advisor and advocate in August, the same month the company announced its $9 million Series A financing from Propel Venture Partners, Omidyar Network (founder of eBay), Clocktower Ventures, Commerce Ventures and 25Madison.

As of October 2018, the Steady app has been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

Steady is constantly adding new features. Its recently expanded its job opportunities to include traditional part-time jobs, as well as offer user benefits and discounts, and a new improved income tracking feature that will soon help mitigate the credit challenges of non-single income full time W2 workers.

The way we work is changing, and by working at the intersection of income and finance, Steady is helping future workers create a steadier month-to-month income, and a more solid financial future.



Steady is founded by Adam Roseman, Eric Aroesty and Michael Loeb.

The company receives seed funding.


Steady wins the Money 20/20 Startup pitch, beating more than 1,000 other startups.



Beta versions of Steady mobile apps go live on iTunes and Google Play.


Beta version of the web app goes live.

Steady officially launches on web, iOS, and Android.


Steady takes off with users — the app passes 100,000 installs.

Steady raises $9 million in Series A funding.

Shaquille O'Neal invests in the company.

Steady introduces discounts and benefits for users.


Steady surpasses 200,000 installs.

Income tracker is updated and added to web, allowing users to better understand their earnings each month.

The Team

Adam Roseman, CEO

Adam Roseman

Co-founder & CEO

Sacramento, CA

Adam is the driving force behind Steady. He's made a career out of supporting workers and entrepreneurs. Adam's concerns about the workforce are deeply personal — growing up, his single mother worked several jobs to make ends meet.

Adam began his career in investment banking, where he worked for Lehman Brothers and Barrington Associates. He later turned his talents to economic development. Adam was the co-founder of the largest Western digital entertainment content and analytics company in China.

In 2016, he was named one of Advertising Age's 40 under 40.

He founded Steady in 2017.

When he's not working, Adam is training in mixed martial arts.

Adam Roseman, CEO

Shaquille O'Neal

Advisor & Advocate

Newark, NJ

You probably know Shaquille O'Neal as an NBA legend. You might also know him as an actor, rapper or spokesman. But Shaquille is an investor and a businessman who is passionate about helping people build their own income and realizing their potential.

After growing up watching his mother work hard to support his family, Shaq became a savvy investor and champion of workers. He's heavily invested in fast food restaurants — he owns 10 percent of all Five Guys franchises, owns several 24 Hour Fitness locations, has invested in technology (including Google, in the ‘90s) and real estate. He joined the Steady team as an advocate and advisor in 2018.

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton


Johnstone, Scotland, UK

Andrew has more than 20 years of executive leadership, including roles as CTO at Parkmobile and Cardlytics where he led large teams of engineers in developing and delivering quality software solutions to solve complex problems.

He began his technology career as a research developer with IBM and progressed to the role of senior architect working on government and corporate projects in the United States, New Zealand and the UK. Andrew left IBM to join promising start-up WebMD, the first in a series of roles at successful startups.

He joined Steady in March 2018.

When Andrew has free time, he hikes, camps and travels.

Ozgur Uzuner

Ozgur Uzuner

Chief Growth Officer

San Francisco, CA

Oz is a seasoned executive with years of proven hands-on experience in executing growth campaigns and building and leading cross-functional teams to hit aggressive growth, revenue and profitability targets. He is passionate about analytics, problem-solving and growth, and he has a track record of achieving explosive growth, especially with early to mid-stage start-ups.

Prior to joining Steady, Oz led user acquisition and revenue growth for LendUp, a socially responsible Fintech lender. He helped the company raise more than $200M in venture capital and hit $500M valuation in just a few years. Oz also thrives in building and managing large teams in order to hit challenging targets and solve complex problems.

Oz holds a BS degree in Economics and an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Adrian Becker

Adrian Becker

Vice President, Strategy

Philadelphia, PA

An avid sports fan, Adrian spent the early part of his career working in sports management but has always had a passion for startups and building things from the ground up.

After working with Steady's founder on a previous venture, Adrian joined Steady since its inception.

Outside of the office, you will find Adrian on a soccer field where he continues to sharpen his skills on the pitch multiple times per week.

Chelsea J. Carter

Chelsea J. Carter

Head of Content

Orange County, CA

Chelsea is a storyteller. She has spent years in pursuit of stories about real people, and she believes the best content is evocative, emotional and, above all, true.

Chelsea got her start as a reporter and later worked as an editor and news producer. Her previous work includes working at CNN Digital and The Associated Press. She made the leap to startups in 2014 with SkilledUp and later Pipedrive before joining the team launching TRT World, a 24-hour English language channel in Istanbul, Turkey.

When she’s not chasing a story, Chelsea enjoys travelling and hanging out with Nike the Cat.

Drew Glover

Drew Glover

Vice President, Marketplace

Oakland, CA

Drew has more than 10 years of business development experience across multiple fields, holding director positions at Namely and Fjord, which was acquired by Accenture NYSE: ACN, as well as digital media and branding agency Portal A.

He has helped companies like Adidas, Nike, JP Morgan Chase, Trunk Club and Best Buy bring award-winning services to market.

At Steady, Drew focuses on strategic partnerships, marketplace curation and building meaningful product and service experiences via design-centered approaches.

Alicia Alfonso

Alicia Alfonso

Director of Operations

Richmond, VA

Alicia handles day-to-day operations and prides herself on making sure every business unit has what it needs to succeed. She loves working with young companies and startups. At Steady, she has found a place where she can marry her love for operations and working to support the team.

When Alicia isn’t taking care of the Steady team, she can be found snuggling with her (very large) puppy, a boxer-staffy mix. She also enjoys ballet, yoga and travelling.

Marcel Crudele

Marcel Crudele

Senior Product Manager

Tupelo, MS

Marcel is a serial entrepreneur with a background ranging from social + digital marketing technologies to ERP and logistics management systems - including significant experience on the front lines of solution development (aka coding), product strategy, business analysis, start-up prestidigitation, and operations. He founded his first company - innerEcho - in 2002, his second company - soket - in 2010, and most recently was Product Manager of Display at IgnitionOne.

He joined Steady as the senior product manager in May 2018. He oversees the development of Steady’s income tracker, marketplace and activity feed.

Marcel is a big supporter of tiny homes, edible landscaping, and transportation solutions other than driving a car that you have to own.

Christine Dougherty

Christine Dougherty

Product Manager

Marietta, GA

Christine started her career in the media sales business - working with million dollar media budgets, negotiating rates and ratings on behalf of clients. She joined her first start up, Cardlytics, in 2009 and held a variety of positions there from account management to engineering project management to director of bank implementations – helping to build and shape the products and company along the way.

Following her time at Cardlytics, Christine worked as a product and project consultant for a handful of different companies from Prehype to Moxie to Southern Company, working to get early stage products/projects implemented. She joined Steady in 2018.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two children.

Jasmine Hentschel

Jasmine Hentschel

Product Designer

Wyoming, MI

A multidisciplinary thinker through and through, Jasmine joined Steady in April 2018 to serve as a Product Designer and lead User Research. She has more than 10 years experience working with underserved and low-resource populations around the globe.

After spending considerable time in academia, she most recently helped establish the digital design practice at Thrive, an industrial design and research agency.

Outside the office, she sits on the board of the Atlanta chapter of the Interaction Design Association and is an active member of the city’s creative scene. If you really want to get to know her, ask for a tour of her spice cabinet sometime.

Denis Burba

Denis Burba

Growth Director

Atlanta, GA

Meet Denis. With 12 years of digital advertising experience in agencies, client-side and technology companies, Denis has built and executed successful advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies as well as companies no one has ever heard of (prior to the ad campaigns, of course).

Before joining Steady, he led a multi-functional AdOps team at PureCars, as director of ad operations, where he helped built marketing automation technology for the automotive vertical. He joined Steady in 2018.

When not in the office, you can find Denis working on impractical projects in his woodshop or spending his time arguing with Alexa and Google Home.